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CASCADE Landscape Specializes in Arborvitae Tree Sales and Installation, plus a Full Range of Custom Landscaping Services.
We are a long established Connecticut business with over 20 years experience and over 25,000 trees planted, of all varieties and sizes.
We guarantee our trees for the first year against tree related issues, our competitors do not.

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CASCADE Landscape specializes in Arborvitae Tree Sales/Installation. Every year we plant between 1,500 and 2,000 trees, and have over a 99% survival rate . All our trees are grown right here in Connecticut which ensures that they will be happy, healthy and familiar with our local weather and soil. Nobody knows the local Arborvitae business better. We also offer a full array of Landscape Services including Design/Redesign, Stonework and Cleanups. Whatever it is that you are trying to get done, we can help make it happen. We are a locally owned and operated business that has been around for over 25 years, and making sure our customers are pleased when we get done is our number one priority. Estimates are always FREE! Call today for pricing and availability!

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Arborviteas Tree Sales and Installation

Privacy Hedge Rows and Natural Borders

Landscape Design and Installation

Offering Full Design/Redesign Services

Small Tree/Shrub Removal, Stump Grinding, Clean up

Large Scale Cleanups and Yard Maintenance


Patios, Sidewalks, Walkways, Walls


How the Arborvitae Got Its Name

The aromatic Arbor Vitae, Latin for "Tree of Life" is appropriately named. Native to the cool northern forests of North America, this tree has truly been a source of life for all. Many animals, including deer, moose, and hare find food and shelter in its groves. The Native Americans healed with its medicine; the pioneers shingled their homes with its wood; and husky north-woods loggers concocted a strength-giving drink from its leaves, singing its praises in a lusty song: "A quart of Arbor Vitae, to make him strong and mighty!"

Even before the arrival of Europeans to America, the Native Americans had discovered many life preserving uses for Arbor Vitae. Leaves boiled in bear grease made a salve for skin disorders, including warts and fungal ailments. It was also effective as a counter-irritant for the relief of rheumatism. Leaves in tea were a remedy for headaches, coughs, fevers, gout and catarrh, and also served as a blood purifier. Even the smoke of burning leaves was used for healing. Inducing perspiration, for reviving the unconscious, and especially for the exorcising of evil spirits. Perhaps Arbor Vitae's most convincing success was its cure for scurvy, once a common wintertime deficiency disease. 

Arborvitae - the Tree of Life! (Thuja occidentalis)

Jacques Cartier’s Experience

Jacques Cartier
Scurvy struck French explorer Jacques Cartier and his men on their second trip to Canada in 1535-1536. In fact, 25 of his crew of 110 men died of the disease and he himself suffered from it. At first he was unwilling to reveal the health status of his men to the local natives lest they take advantage of their weakness, but when situation worsened with the arrival of winter, he had no choice but to ask for their help.

The Amerindians gave the sick men a herbal tea made from the leaves of a local conifer they called “annedda” or “aneda” (later it was determined to be Thuja occidentalis). The recovery was very fast: in just a few days, even men apparently dying began to recover fully. Cartier called this miraculous plant “arborvitae”, latin for “tree of life”, and promoted it highly on his return to France.

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